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AGTDenton >> spoon_
20:29 - 09/April/2014

Bought some Wifi Antennas. Delivered quickly good comms. Cheers!

mikerr >> OilSheikh
14:15 - 09/April/2014

Great sale, and great comms - cheers

deejayburnout >> Rob_B
19:04 - 06/April/2014

Bought yet more of Robs unwanted tech. Now have the suresignal and again another simple and pleasant transaction.

Rob_B >> deejayburnout
17:56 - 06/April/2014

Sold Chris a Vodafone suresignal, another easy and pleasant transaction :)

deejayburnout >> OilSheikh
22:32 - 20/March/2014

Sold me a HDD and worked as described. Item was packed well and arrived quickly. no issues at all. i would buy from him again.

Skaramush >> SCAN
21 Dec 2013, 6:17 p.m.
Had the drive next day easy to install.Everything working great. Always a pleasure.
limpduck >> SCAN
24 Nov 2013, 11:58 p.m.
Ive always had a soft spot for this company after i purchased my first PC over 10 years ago from them. Ive had a couple of RMA's before but never really had to contact the company directly. After about 10mins on the phone trying to find out what the issue was with a current RMA i was left feeling very disillusioned with the current state of eCommerce in general and just how bad a company can be when dealing with its customers. After being told they wont look into the issue i reported due to some bent CPU pins (the board would not power up, no Ethernet light etc, i would still expect power to be going through the board even if cpu pins are bent). Of course it must be 100% my fault (something i was reminded of every 30 seconds of the conversation) and its impossible it could be caused by scan/delivery damage. Whilst i understand the issue could be caused by myself its the manor in which the company dealt with it that annoyed me. In the end im left to pay Ā£25 + vat to repair some cpu pins, that most likely wont fix the issue the board had in the first place.
Rapp >> eBuyer
1 Nov 2013, 1:50 p.m.
I brought a corsair headset which broke after 3 months, seemed to be design fault as the plastic was very good quality. At first they agreed to a replacement then got cut off and ended up speaking to another person who wouldn't replace it. Very poor service and rude staff, I will never use the company again.
Noxvayl >> Specialtech
1 Sep 2013, 6:10 p.m.
Delivery was quick, item was well packaged. Pump developed a loud noise caused by an air bubble that I was unable to bleed from the system. When I contacted support they were prompt to reply and very helpful. I got an RMA which they provided a free post label for; it was dealt with promptly and the refund provided included delivery cost. Excellent customer service, because of this experience I purchased all my custom water cooling bits from them.
NitrousX >> SCAN
24 May 2013, 6:01 p.m.
Purchased this item to upgrade my Rig, the PSU came the same week. Came in great condition would defiantly purchase again from Scan.
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