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Danger Den preps GeForce GTX 480 waterblock

by Parm Mann on 1 April 2010, 16:27

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If ever there was a GPU in need of some potent aftermarket cooling, NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 480 is probably it.

Not wanting to disappoint, Danger Den is preparing a water block for NVIDIA's latest and reckons it'll be available as soon as next week.

The water block, pictured above, will initially arrive in the form of an all-copper model, followed at a later date by subsequent models; one with a nickel top and copper base, the other with nickel coating top and bottom.

Danger Den expects pricing to range between $140 to $150 for the initial copper version.

The size and layout of the waterblock looks impressive, with Danger Den ensuring the GPU core, memory modules and voltage regulator modules are all covered.

Considering NVIDIA's GPU can get close to 100°C under load, Danger Den's solution is worthy of consideration for the water-cooling crowd. And there's a good chance the waterblock will be in stock before your GeForce GTX 480.

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what about 470?

and £100 for a water block? hell no
They'll be cheaper ones but you're probably looking at 80 quid - big old lump of metal. Watercooling is not a cheap hobby.
i did want a pair of EVGA water cooled cards but im not that impressed with the design so i look forward to the koolance and EK blocks.
Alphacool and EK are usually pretty good on the money side (and good designs too). I usually prefer double sided blocks where possible (i.e. with a backplate to cover the memory on the other side of the pcb).

EK's website:

“Plans for Nvidia GTX 470/480 blocks - 30/03/2010

We are working on releasing new full cover blocks for new Nvidia GTX 470/480 graphic cards.

ETA middle of April.

Any additional/specific info will be posted here.”
the 400 series has no memory on the back though does it ?