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Learn to Code with FUZE and the ASUS Tinker Board

Tags: Binary Distribution, ASUSTeK (TPE:2357)

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Hot on the heels of their recent FUZE Studio for Nintendo Switch announcement, FUZE Technologies Ltd are extremely proud to announce an exciting new collaboration with ASUSTeK.

Launched in 2013, FUZE Technologies set out with one goal – to make coding as easy and accessible as possible
for everyone. Since then, the FUZE team has achieved great success in teaching young people how to code using the FUZE personal computer and their accessible, easy to use programming language FUZE Studio.

FUZE is now proud to announce two new models to their FUZE Workstation range powered by the recently announced ASUS Tinker Board.

Additionally the ‘powered by’ ASUS Tinker Board editions have replaced the Raspberry Pi versions of the FUZE Workshop units used across the country in schools and STEM events.

Matt Stewart, ASUS Product Manager commented “ASUS recognise that learning to code is incredibly valuable; we’re really excited to be working with FUZE and bringing the ASUS Tinker Board into UK schools.”

The new units are, the FUZE-TB-R priced at £249.99 including VAT. It comes complete and ready to run out of the box. Included is the FUZE Special Edition case & keyboard, ASUS Tinker Board, FUZE IO Board with built in analog, 16GB boot SD card, the FUZE Component pack, solderless electronics breadboard, mouse and mouse mat, 250 page reference guide (PDF), worksheets (PDF) and the ever popular USB Robot Arm kit.

The second unit is the FUZE-TB-D priced at £149.99 including VAT. Included is the FUZE Special Edition case & keyboard, ASUS Tinker Board, FUZE IO Board with built in analog, 16GB boot SD card, solderless electronics breadboard, reference guide (PDF) and worksheets (PDF).

“The ASUS Tinker Board perfectly complements the FUZE’s existing design and dramatically improves performance. Running FUZE it’s roughly twice as fast as the Raspberry Pi editions and has far superior audio hardware and RAM capacity.

The Tinker Board enhances the FUZE’s learning capabilities, and partnered with FUZE Studio, provides the ideal environment to learn and ‘tinker’ with coding, gaming, audio, electronics, robotics and more.” Stated Jon Silvera, CEO of FUZE Technologies Ltd.

A multi-award winning and highly accessible coding workstation, the FUZE is intended for students of all ages and also for teachers and parents. Anyone learning to code on the FUZE will find out that real, text based coding is not as complicated as they may have thought.

FUZE’s unique method ensures children as young as six can learn to code using a real text based language, setting them up to eventually move onto more complex languages such as Python and Java.

It requires no previous experience, and is a self-contained coding and electronics workstation that will keep kids, and adults, motivated and wanting to learn more. 

FUZE Studio is the perfect stepping stone between visual coding simulators currently used in most primary schools and real-world languages like Python, Java and C++/# etc. FUZE Studio comes with everything you need to learn to code in one app. Users can code their own games and share the experience with friends and family. Tutorials are included, as is
a 250 page reference guide.

One reason for FUZE’s success in educating young people to code is the wealth of support content included and to download. Worksheets, projects and a very comprehensive reference guide are all included and more are being added all the time.

About the ASUS Tinker Board:

The ASUS Tinker Board is a Single Board Computer (SBC) in an ultra-small form factor that offers class-leading performance while leveraging outstanding mechanical compatibility.

The Tinker Board offers makers, IoT enthusiasts, hobbyists, PC DIY enthusiasts and others a reliable and extremely capable platform for building and tinkering their ideas into reality. 


CPU: Rockchip Quad-Core RK3288 processor

Memory: 2GB Dual Channel DDR3

Graphic: Integrated Graphics Processor ARM® Mali™-T764 GPU *1

Storage: Micro SD(TF) card slot

LAN: RTL GB LAN, Wireless Data Network, 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth V4.0 + EDR

Audio: RTL ALC4040 CODEC

USB Ports: 4 x USB 2.0

Internal I/O: 1 x 40-pin header(GPIO, SPI, I2C, UART, PWM, 5V, 3.3V, GND, S/PDIF, DSI, CSI

*1. The ARM® Quad-Core Mali GPU supports max. resolution of 4K@30hz (up-scaled from 1080P) with H.264/H.265
hardware decoder.

About FUZE Technologies:

UK-based FUZE Technologies Ltd has its roots in home computers and programming. Our many years of experience in the computer industry and our passion for technology innovation and computer programming have positioned us
perfectly to expand our business into Programmable Computers and Electronics. The last five years has seen the development of FUZE for Linux, Raspberry Pi, ASUS Tinker Board and Microsoft Windows, and in 2018 for Nintendo Switch and more. The team continues to deliver outstanding FUZE Coding Workshops to schools across the country and constantly receives incredibly positive praise and testimonials.

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