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Vodafone UK gives customers the confidence that it's worth the wait for ultra-fast Vodafone 4G

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Vodafone's 4G phone promise means that everyone can get 4G when it launches next Spring

  • 70% off remaining contract charges for customers with certain handsets who make the switch
  • Network preparations for 4G well underway to hit 98% indoor coverage by 2015 and superfast 3G+ roll out already advanced

Vodafone is launching its 4G phone promise, giving customers the confidence that they will be among the first to benefit from ultra-fast 4G when it launches next year. Customers can simply bring an eligible phone into any Vodafone store and if they are still in contract, we'll knock 70% off their remaining contract charges, giving them a 4G device and getting them up and running on ultra-fast 4G.

Vodafone is offering customers who have bought certain handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S III* or Galaxy Note II, a simple way to get ultra-fast 4G when Vodafone launches it in Spring 2013.

Provided a Pay monthly customer has been with us for at least three months, they can come into a store and ask to switch to ultra-fast 4G. We'll take back their old phone, knock 70% off their remaining contract charges and give them a new 4G phone and a new 4G contract. The 4G promise is available until 31 December 2013 for Pay monthly and small business customers. 

To find out more about the Vodafone 4G phone promise visit or visit one of Vodafone's stores.

Improving our network today and getting ready for tomorrow

Vodafone spends more than £1.8m every day on our network to make sure our customers continue to get the speed and service they rely upon. As part of our preparations for ultra-fast 4G, we've been upgrading our network as we target 98% of the UK population with indoor coverage by 2015. We're also continuing to invest in our 3G network coverage, delivering faster speeds in more places through HSPA+ and HSPA-DC.

We're upgrading the connections between our masts and our core network, helped by the acquisition of Cable & Wireless Worldwide earlier this year. That deal brought us 20,500km of fibre across the country, more than any other mobile network owns. It's easy to forget that a mobile network relies on fibre to move data across its network so having our own gives us greater control over the quality of our service.

No network can operate without a ‘core' or brains' of the network that routes every call, text and internet session made by our customers and keeps all of the services that people use on their mobiles up and running. Vodafone has a state of the art core, having already consolidated our 2G and 3G core networks.

Handsets eligible for the Vodafone 4G phone promise can be found at

*This offer applies to Samsung Galaxy SIII handsets purchased on or after 26 Oct 2012.

** You must trade in your 3G handset in good condition, or we'll have to add on something for the damage. 

Customers need to pay the remaining 30% contract charges when they take out this offer.

Vodafone 4G phone promise isn't available to customers on a price plan where the allowance is shared between users.

The Vodafone 4G phone promise is subject to a credit check and the customer taking out a minimum-term 4G contract with a 4G handset on an equivalent or more valuable price plan.