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Google says Apple rejected its Google Voice app

by Sylvie Barak on 19 September 2009, 13:49

Tags: Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)

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Being magnanimous

Originally, the issue had been something of a three way between Google, Apple and wireless US phone carrier AT&T who, it was believed, wanted the app squashed so its customers wouldn't be able to make cheap international calls on AT&T's own network.

But with everything out in the open, the AT&T conspiracy theory has now dissolved, albeit leaving Apple a little bit red faced.

The reason for the rejection by Apple was apparently that the firm "believed the application duplicated the core dialer functionality of the iPhone" according to Google's letter.

Google's letter to the FCC also notes that Apple also rejected its Google Latitude app, claiming it to be potentially confusing for users who already had a built in Maps application which ships with the iPhone.

Apple has been trying to become a tad more open about its app store approval process of late, but the emergence of Google's correspondence with the FCC hasn't done the firm any favours.

Still, Google - whose CEO Eric Schmidt used to sit on the Apple board - is being magnanimous about the incident, noting "We continue to work with Apple and others to bring users the best mobile Google experience possible," he said.


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I think its a simple fact that Apple don't like Google because of the Android operating system threatening the iphone market share of mobile sales.

Apple do have a long history of not supporting other companies software if it doesn't suit them, regardless of how popular it is. They would rather spite their own noses than admit someone made something better than they did.
Why doesn't Google block Safari browsers from using it's services. Plus blocking iphones from using Google maps?
i wish i could say ‘create a worldwide front against apples arrogant and aggressive publicity and marketing’ however i love my macbook pro so this would do me no good. If they continue to be such pr*cks then companies should start brushing off apple support to teach them a lesson though.
I don't see how anyone can love a macbook pro.

the lack of a right mouse button is enough to put it in the failure to qualify camp in my book.

I also really like middle mouse for scrolling, the scroll on a touch pad just isn't good enough for slowly reading down a page in the fashion i'm used too.
Maybe apple is losing its “free pass” on all these shenanigans.
Once they start to play in the same market as the big players, they have to start to play by the same rules.

I also really like middle mouse for scrolling, the scroll on a touch pad just isn't good enough for slowly reading down a page in the fashion i'm used too.
Newsflash: you can use any mouse with a mac, not just the supplied mouse…
First thing I did was dump the apple keyboard and mouse when I bought a mac mini, in favour of a nice logitech set.